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Pam Looney, Leslie Sciocchetti | Co-Presidents
Linda Koelling | 1st VP Speaker, Programs
Diane Makely | 2nd VP, Membership
Linda England | 3rd VP, Ways & Means/Fundraising
Jane Rose | Treasurer
Marilyn Parker | Parliamentarian
Kathi Jesse | Recording Secretary
Desiree Pahomi | Corresponding Secretary


Ginny Moore | Chaplain
Lisa Hazelton | Flag Salute
Edie Bly, Linda Kidwiler | Hospitality
Marilyn Parker, Edie Bly | Advocacy/Scholarship
Diemmy Wandrocke, Jane Rose | Reservations
Marilyn Parker | Campaign/Precinct
Cynthia Martinez, Roseann Gillette | Caring for America
Desiree Pahomi | Public Relations/Webmaster
Anita Rosebrough | Legislation
Joan Garnett | Newsletter
Carol Allen | Email Correspondence
Linda Kidwiler, Zoila Tolosa, Debby Mircheff | Community “Deed & Truth”
Laura Newhall | Assistant

Leslie Sciocchetti & Pam Looney

Welcome to the Capistrano Valley Republican Women Federated website. Our goals are to educate our members and our community as well as support our elected Republican political leaders and our Republican candidates to honor and fulfill their commitment to us, to California and to America.

Our citizens are facing many serious challenges to defend our freedom and our values. We must be active and take the responsibility to make things happen. We must be courageous, engaged and we must never give up! “If it’s to be, it’s up to me” should be our motto. We appreciate your assistance and look forward to working with you. To persevere, we must remain “America First” in order to make and keep “America Great”!

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